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How to take a perfect side profile photo for your Personalized Silhouette.

The focal point of any personalized silhouette is the side profile, so take the time to make sure that they look good for your picture. Combed hairstyle and personal accessories such as glasses or hair barrettes can help represent your subject. You will always receive a digital silhouette proof for your final approval before your silhouette goes into production.

How to take a perfect side profile photo.

  • Face takes up 80% of image
  • Background is plain/light
  • Face is side on
  • Dress your subject up (hair/accessories)
  • Submit multiple images
  • Face at angle
  • Shadows around face
  • Dark/cluttered background
  • Obstruction to face and neck i.e hands, clothing etc.


After we receive your order with uploaded side profile photos, we will email you a final digital silhouette proof for your approval to proceed to production. Our production time 2 weeks from the receipt of your written approval.

Occasionally, additional side profile photos may be requested if supplied images are unusable. You can upload additional side profile photos to us anytime before your keepsake is in production.